Evacuation order to be lifted for part of Fukushima 'difficult-to-return' zone

【帰還困難区域】来月12日に一部解除へ 福島・葛尾村

NHK -- May 18
Authorities in Japan are set to lift an evacuation order for part of a district designated a "difficult-to-return" zone in Fukushima Prefecture in mid-June.

Residents of the Noyuki district, which takes up 20 percent of Katsurao Village, were forced to leave their homes due to high radiation levels after the 2011 nuclear accident.

Officials from the central and prefectural governments and the village have decided to lift the order for 6 percent of the district on June 12.

It will be the first case in which people will be able to return to their residences in what has been a "difficult-to-return" zone.

Village authorities aim to put rice paddies in the area back into use to revitalize farming, and set up a zone for residents to get together where an assembly hall used to be.

Eighty-two people from 30 households are registered as residents, but only eight people making up four households have so far expressed an interest in returning.

May 18 (ANNnewsCH) - 福島県葛尾村は帰還困難区域の一部を来月12日に解除することを決めました。原発事故後、帰還困難区域とされたエリアに住民が帰還できるのは初めてです。  ...continue reading

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