Japan makes ID chips for pet dogs, cats compulsory

犬猫にチップ義務化 “期待と課題” テレビ朝日社会部 川崎豊記者

NHK -- Jun 01
A Japanese law that took effect on Wednesday requires pet sellers to implant electronic microchips in dogs and cats so that their owners can be identified if the animals get lost.

Japan's Diet passed the revised law on animal welfare and management in 2019.

Local governments take in some 72,000 abandoned or lost dogs and cats per year.

The revised law obliges pet shops, breeders and other sellers to implant the cylindrical chips that are about 1 centimeter long and 2 millimeters in diameter, and contain 15-digit ID numbers.

The name of the seller and the animal's name, gender, breed and coat color must be registered on a government database.

Owner data such as name, address and phone number should also be registered on the database within 30 days of the purchase of an animal.

People who already have cats or dogs, those who will be given such pets, and animal protection groups are urged to have chips implanted in their animals.

The Environment Ministry says the new requirement will help people find their strays and prevent owners from abandoning their pets.

Jun 01 (ANNnewsCH) - 6月からペットショップなどで販売される犬や猫に マイクロチップの装着が義務化されます。  ...continue reading

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