Bogus deliveryman sexually assaults woman, steals her underwear

「声を出したら刺すよ」32歳の消防士の男が宅配業者を装い…24歳の女性に性的暴行などの疑いで逮捕 愛知・弥富市

Japan Today -- Jun 04
Police in Yatomi, Aichi Prefecture, have arrested a 32-year-old man on suspicion of sexually assaulting a 24-year-old woman and stealing her underwear.

According to police, Yuta Asakura, a fireman, wore the uniform of a delivery man when he buzzed the apartment of the woman at around 2:10 p.m. on May 5, Tokai TV reported. When the woman opened the door, he forced his way in and threatened her with a cutter knife, saying he would kill her if she screamed, police said.

Police said the woman told them that after she was sexually assaulted, Asakura stole her panties and then left. He was identified after an analysis of surveillance camera footage outside the apartment building.

Jun 04 (CBCニュース) - 逮捕された、海部南部消防組合 南部消防署北分署の消防士で、愛知県弥富市の浅倉祐太 容疑者32歳は、5月5日、弥富市の24歳の女性の家に宅配業者を装って侵入。  ...continue reading

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