Prime Minister Fumio Kishida considers joining NATO summit in Spain: Report

WION -- Jun 05
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is planning to attend a summit of leaders from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), news agency Reuters reported citing sources familiar with the matter said.

The summit is scheduled for late June in Spain and if he attends, it will make him the first Japanese leader to take part in a NATO summit, a gathering of the Western alliance.

Kishida's attendance at the June 29 to 30 event in Madrid is dependent on the domestic political situation leading up to a House of Councillors election likely to be held July 10, the sources said.

A report by Kyodo News mentioned citing sources that the scenario of Kishida's attendance at the event in Madrid is dependent on the House of Councillors election, which is likely to happen on July 10. The NATO summit will be held from June 29 to 30.

Kishida's decision regarding the summit will be finalised after the country's domestic political situation is sorted. However, the Japan-based news agency reported that a government spokesman said officials would be unable to comment on the matter. ...continue reading

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