Sushi chef drops knives on train, causing panic and delays

Japan Today -- Aug 30

Given the general rarity of firearms in Japan, knives are frequently used by those looking to intimidate others or inflict violence.

And among those, kitchen knives are frequently mentioned in armed robbery reports, likely due to their imposing size and sharpness.

So these kitchen tools can be a cause for alarm when seen outside of their natural habitat, such as on an express train running along the Keikyu Airport Line in Ota, Tokyo, at about 6:40 p.m. on Aug 26. It was there that three kitchen knives fell out of a man’s bag, causing one panicked passenger to hit the emergency door cock, a lever that allows passengers to manually open carriage doors.

The train made an emergency stop at Anamori-inari Station so passengers could escape through the doors onto the platform. Some also called the emergency number 110 for the police or posted on social media that “there is a person with a knife” on the train.

All service was temporarily suspended on the Keikyu Airport Line for up to 40 minutes due to the commotion. However, it was quickly learned that the owner of the knives was simply a sushi chef in his 50s who was moving the blades to his new workplace. He was a little tipsy at the time and had dozed off while riding the train and a sashimi knife, regular kitchen knife, and a pointed carving knife known as a deba bocho that he kept in a drawstring bag had gotten loose and fell out when he moved. ...continue reading

Aug 30 (Kyodo) - 26日午後6時半ごろ、東京都大田区を走行中の京急空港線の急行電車内で、すし職人の50代男性が荷物から包丁を落とし、驚いた乗客が非常用ドアコックを操作してドアを開けたため、電車が穴守稲荷駅(大田区)付近で緊急停止した。車内は一時騒然となったが、けが人はいなかった。