Japan launches intel satellite to watch N. Korea, disasters

H2A打ち上げ 北朝鮮ミサイル施設監視など情報収集

Tanegashima Space Center, Jan 26 (AP) - Japan successfully launched a rocket Thursday carrying a government intelligence-gathering satellite on a mission to watch movements at military sites in North Korea and improve natural disaster response.

The H2A rocket, launched by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., successfully lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Center in southwestern Japan, carrying the IGS-Radar 7 reconnaissance satellite as part of Tokyo’s effort to build up its military capability, citing growing threats in the East Asia.

The satellite later successfully entered its planned orbit, Mitsubishi Heavy said.

The Intelligence Gathering Satellite can capture images on the ground 24 hours a day and even in severe weather conditions. Japan launched the IGS program after a North Korean missile flyover of Japan in 1988 and aims to set up a network of 10 satellites to spot and provide early warning for possible missile launches. The satellites can be also used for disaster monitoring and response. ...continue reading

Jan 26 (ANNnewsCH) - 寒波による影響で打ち上げが一日延期となっていた、H2Aロケット46号機が種子島宇宙センターから打ち上げられ、搭載した政府の情報収集衛星を予定の軌道に投入し、打ち上げは成功しました。  ...continue reading

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