Japanese woman groped in viral Holi video breaks silence: ‘I love everything about India’

yahoo.com -- Mar 14
A Japanese woman at the center of a disturbing video that shows her being nonconsensually groped by a group of males in New Delhi, India, has spoken out after the terrifying encounter.

The groping victim, identified through her Twitter handle as “Megumi” — and @megu1455 on YouTube — posted the video but deleted it shortly after. In a new thread, she said she was overwhelmed by the resulting attention and apologized to those offended by the video.

“I tweeted the video. After that, the number of RTs and DMs increased more than I had imagined. I was terrified, so I deleted the tweet,” wrote Megumi, who has since returned to Japan. “For those who were offended by watching the video, I am very sorry.”

Megumi said she had prior knowledge that it was dangerous for women to go out by themselves during Holi celebrations.

For this reason, she went out with 35 friends; however, numbers did not help her avoid the incident. ...continue reading

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