Japan's private moon lander assumed lost after attempted landing

livemint.com -- Apr 26

A private Japanese moon mission failed on Tuesday after thecommunication with the spacecraft was lost andthe moon lander appeared to have crash landed on the surface following a landing attempt.

It was poised to become the first commercial space attempt to place a lander on the moon surface.

Japanese startup ispace said the lander Hakuto -R Mission 1 hovered above the moon surface, slowing down to smoothly touch down after an engine cut-off. The mission control lost contact with the lander minutes before the landing time andcould not re-establish communication with the lander after its expected landing time.

The landerwas scheduled to land on the moon surface on Tuesday at 12:40 pm ET (1640 GMT Tuesday).

The lander was targeting a landing site at the Moon’s Atlas crater in the far northern hemisphere called Mare Frigoris, also known as the Sea of Cold. ...continue reading

Apr 26 (ANNnewsCH) - 日本のベンチャー企業が開発した月着陸船が26日未明、月面着陸に挑みます。着陸まであと3時間ほど。着陸船のいまの状況について聞きます。  ...continue reading