Tokyo police arrest junior high school teacher on suspicion of murder

NHK -- May 11

Tokyo police have arrested a 36-year-old junior high teacher for allegedly stabbing a male resident near the school and killing him.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested Omoto Kosuke on Wednesday on suspicion of killing 63-year-old Yamagishi Masafumi at his home in Edogawa Ward in February.

A passer-by notified the police after finding the victim lying in the entrance, bleeding.

Investigative sources say security cameras nearby captured images of a suspicious-looking person wearing dark clothes.

The sources say Omoto has denied involvement in the case.

The victim is believed to have been killed shortly after he returned home.

Tokyo police say the suspect may have broken into the house to carry out a theft, and encountered the victim. ...continue reading

May 11 (日テレNEWS) - ことし2月、東京・江戸川区の住宅で、この家に住む60代の男性を刃物で複数回切りつけるなどし殺害したとして、近くの中学校で教諭を務める36歳の男が警視庁に逮捕されました。男の身柄がある警察署前から中継です。  ...continue reading