Shogi star Fujii holds all 8 major titles

KYOTO, Oct 12 (NHK) - Shogi star Fujii Sota has become the first player to hold all eight major titles after winning the Oza championship.

Shogi is a traditional Japanese board game similar to chess.

The 21-year-old Fujii faced Nagase Takuya, the 31-year-old defending champion of the Oza title, in the fourth match of the best-of-five series in Kyoto on Wednesday.

The players spent a long time pondering their moves, and Nagase gradually got the upper hand. After they had both used up their allotted time, they had to make their moves within one minute.

In that situation, Nagase failed to find moves that would lead him to victory. The balance then turned to Fujii, and Nagase conceded after the 138th move of the match.

Fujii won the series with three wins and one loss. ...continue reading

Oct 12 (ANNnewsCH) - 将棋の王座戦第4局で藤井聡太七冠(21)が永瀬拓矢王座(31)に勝利し、史上初の「八冠」を達成しました。  ...continue reading