Smartphone stolen from drunk live streamer

YOKOHAMA, Oct 26 (News On Japan) - A man who was drunk and fell asleep just 7 minutes into a live stream in Yokohama, had his phone stolen, with the activities of the thief continuing to be broadcast for another 90 minutes.

The incident took place in a shopping district near JR Sakuragicho Station on Oct 1, after the live streamer watched a baseball game with friends.

Being heavily intoxicated, with slurred speech, he fell asleep just 7 minutes after starting the live stream.

Twelve minutes into the broadcast, up to 80 people were watching online as a hand suddenly appeared from the left side of the screen and takes out the victim's wallet from his bag.

Security cameras also recorded the movements of the culprit who crosses the road to get into his car while the live stream is still on.

According to police, they have received a report from the victim and are currently investigating the suspect for theft.