Train operator in Japan talking to police about YouTube prankster

NHK -- Oct 27

The president of a train operator in southwestern Japan says he is consulting police about a YouTuber who posted a video that appears to show him taking a free ride on a Shinkansen bullet train.

The video by the foreign YouTuber with nearly 2.4 million registered viewers shows him hiding in a restroom after boarding the train in Nagasaki.

Kyushu Railway Company President Furumiya Yoji said at a news conference on Thursday that the train's conductor waited for the person in front of the restroom, but that he faked an illness and got away.

Furumiya also said he is consulting police about what he considers a crime.

He said it is difficult for one conductor to deal with every situation, and that in case of similar future incidents, the conductor will seek help from other staff or call the police. He added that railway workers will deal with such people strictly.