Security camera captures rampaging foreigner in yukata

TOKYO, Oct 28 (News On Japan) - A security camera installed in a residential area in Tokyo has captured a foreigner wearing a yukata running amok.

At around 3:45am last Wednesday, in a Tokyo residential area about 100 meters from Tokyo Metro's Minowa Station, a security camera shows a lone man jumping over a chain stretched across a garage.

As the man pulls on the yellow chain, it snaps with force, and then he is seen trying to take a parked bicycle.

Upon closer examination of the footage, the man was wearing a yukata (a traditional Japanese summer garment) without a waistband, his underwear visible.

The man throws the bicycle at a parked orange car, leaving a 5cm scratch, before fleeing toward an intersection.

Seemingly drunk, he could be seen staggering in front of a 'Stop' sign.

The victim has filed a report with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested a German man, who could potentially be the same foreigner who fled, in a separate case of assault against a taxi driver.

Police are investigating his involvement in other crimes.

A film director arrested for sexually assaulting a woman aspiring to be an actress under the guise of acting instruction reportedly told her that "sometimes you have to be naked to appear in movies," according to investigative sources.

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of its establishment, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has launched a special exhibition at the Police Museum, showcasing items such as Japan's first wooden license from the Meiji era.

For the 150th "Miyako Odori," a spring tradition in Kyoto's Gion district, geisha and maiko have been fitting their costumes.

The owner of an emu that went missing last week has informed police that the emu has returned home, after several sightings of unusually large bird roaming in Fukuoka's Aburayama.