Sumo Day 15 - Kirishima v Takakeisho

Sumo Jason -- Nov 27

The final match on Day 15 in the final basho of the year 2023 is an ozeki clash between Takakeisho (9-5) and Kirishima (12-2).

Due to the effects of an unusually warm winter, the national dog sledding race, often referred to as "Koshien of Dogs," scheduled to be held in Hokkaido, has been canceled.

Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama claimed his ninth career victory on the American Tour on Sunday, marking his first win in two years.

An inaugural match was held Sunday at Kanazawa Stadium, Hokuriku's first soccer-dedicated stadium, where players sent cheers to the areas affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake.

Hideto Tanihara achieved his first victory on the European Tour on Sunday, with a total score of 14-under-par at a tournament held in Doha, Qatar. Starting the final round tied for the lead, Tanihara holed six birdies against two bogeys to hold off his rival and win by one-stroke.