Oxford quantum computing spinout announces $100M funding round led by Japan’s SBI

OQC is also launching what it calls “the world’s first enterprise ready quantum computing platform.”

cointelegraph.com -- Nov 29

Oxford University physics spinout Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC) recently announced the launch of Toshiko, a 32-qubit quantum computing services platform, alongside a $100-million Series B funding round led by Japan’s SBI Group’s investment arm.

The company claims that Toshiko is the “world’s first enterprise ready quantum computing platform.”

OQC is working in partnership with Equinix, Nvidia, Amazon Web Service and McKinsey to “bring quantum out of the lab” and pave the way for “quantum advantage.”

Quantum advantage is a point of technological refinement at which a quantum computer is capable of solving a problem that no traditional binary computer could solve within a feasible amount of time. ...continue reading

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