Why Kobe Beef is so Famous and Expensive

KOBE, Dec 08 (Life Where I'm From) - In this one we visit Kobe city and investigate Kobe Beef. Thanks to the Kobe Tourism Bureau for sponsoring this video!

The town that consumes the most Natto, a traditional Japanese sticky fermented soybean dish, known for its strong, pungent smell, is not in Ibaraki where most people think, but in fact much further north, as revealed through data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Japan's Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has created the first "Drinking Guidelines" indicating the amount of alcohol in drinks that can increase health risks.

In tropical Thailand, a culinary phenomenon is taking place: the Japanese "yakiimo" or roasted sweet potato. This humble snack has undergone a remarkable evolution in Thailand, captivating the nation with its sweetness and texture.

A family who purchased a half-price scallop at a supermarket in Chiba were in for a surprise when they found treasure inside.