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Tokyo prosecutors file charges in LDP political funds scandal

TOKYO, Jan 19 (NHK) - Tokyo prosecutors have indicted several people over a political funds scandal involving factions of the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

The chief treasurers of the faction once led by late Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and another led by former LDP Secretary-General Nikai Toshihiro were indicted without arrest on Friday.

A former chief treasurer of the faction that was led until recently by Prime Minister Kishida Fumio received a summary indictment.

All face charges of false accounting, in violation of the political funds control law. They are suspected of failing to report part of the factions' revenue from fundraising events.

Prosecutors also indicted, without arrest, Upper House member Ohno Yasutada.

He is suspected of failing to declare more than 50 million yen, or about 337,000 dollars, in kickbacks he received from the Abe faction for selling fundraiser tickets in excess of his assigned quota.

Lower House member Tanigawa Yaichi, who also belongs to the Abe faction, received a summary indictment.

The two lawmakers had left the LDP as of Friday.

Meanwhile, Tokyo prosecutors have decided not to build a case against seven executives of the Abe faction or those of the Nikai faction. Prosecutors could not find evidence that the executives conspired with the factions' chief treasurers in underreporting revenue from fundraising parties.

Source: TBS NEWS

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