Sports | Feb 03

Legendary Jockeys Take Yutaka and Trainer Ebina Masayoshi Star in Unique Musical Collaboration

TOKYO, Feb 03 (News On Japan) - A video featuring the legendary active jockey Take Yutaka and his former rival, now trainer, Ebina Masayoshi made waves on social media on February 1st. This collaboration, part of Suntory's new commercial campaign for Coffee BOSS, showcases a unique blend of storytelling and music, with a glimpse into the enduring career of Take Yutaka, who has been in the saddle for 38 years.

Fans of horse racing have warmly received the pairing in the commercial, expressing sentiments such as, "I started off laughing, but it grew on me," "It's moving to hear Ebina-san, a peer and rival, sing," and "Thank you to both legendary jockeys." The commercial, titled "BOSS (Heart) TAKE YUTAKA 'Tantantan Take Yutaka,'" has sparked an outpouring of appreciation. Additionally, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the two icons provide further insight into this extraordinary collaboration.

Source: ANN


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