Sports | Feb 11

Golf Pros Gather to Tackle the 2025 Challenge

TOKYO, Feb 11 (News On Japan) - In the face of the "2025 problem," where the aging of the baby boomer generation presents various challenges, the golf industry, too, finds itself at a crossroads with an aging player demographic. Amid these challenges, professionals from the golf business are coming together for groundbreaking initiatives aimed at appealing to the next generation.

The Kanuma Group is breaking the norms of membership rights to attract younger players. Sumiji Golf is aiming for new customer acquisition by combining golf with other attractions. Lounge Nine is leveraging the latest simulation technology to increase the golfing population. Moreover, the comprehensive golf course economic magazine, "Monthly Golf Management," brings these innovators together at a roundtable to discuss solutions to various issues and envision the future of golf.

What is Roundtable Confidential?

This is a novel economic talk show format where individuals from the same departments across different companies, including rivals in the same industry and those from different sectors with common interests, come together across the roundtable. Within a 3-meter diameter, candid discussions reveal the current state of business, transcending traditional industry barriers.

Source: テレ東BIZ


Mimurotoji Temple in Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, known for its beautiful flowers, is currently celebrating the peak bloom of approximately 250 weeping plum trees, delighting visitors with the arrival of spring.

The world's largest projection mapping has lit up the walls of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, standing over 240 meters tall. The opening ceremony also included the certification ceremony for the Guinness World Record.

Isn't it beautiful? In a flask containing a substance with a deep purple hue, Professor Akira Kitagishi from Doshisha University is conducting an experiment that may create a groundbreaking therapeutic drug.

A long-standing Japanese restaurants in Beijing has been forced to close, suffering the impact of a three-year-long zero-COVID policy and the backlash from Japan's policy to release treated water from Fukushima's stricken nuclear plant.

Rice and nori are a perfect match. Whether it's in onigiri or sushi rolls, the aroma of seaweed is irresistible.