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Osaka Public University to Introduce Fall Enrollment, English Official Language

OSAKA, Feb 12 (News On Japan) - The governor of Osaka Prefecture, Hirofumi Yoshimura, has announced plans to implement an autumn admission system at Osaka Public University to align with the academic calendars of universities abroad. This initiative aims to foster a global perspective and English proficiency among students, contributing to the broader vision of nurturing talent with a broad outlook, which is seen as crucial for Osaka's growth.

Yoshimura emphasized during the announcement on February 9, the significance of making autumn the start of the academic year: "Switching to fall admissions will cultivate individuals with international sensibilities and English skills, which will, in turn, contribute to Osaka's development. It's a challenge worth taking."

The move is designed to attract outstanding international students and encourage Japanese students to study abroad, enhancing the global competency of the local student body.

"Making English the official language of the university is indeed a vision for the future," Yoshimura added, indicating long-term plans to internationalize the academic environment.

Experts, including education journalist Reiji Ishiwatari, have highlighted challenges associated with the transition to fall admissions, such as the gap between high school graduation in March and university enrollment, and the interval before entering the workforce. "There's a need to address the disadvantages, such as the half-year gap that will arise between high school graduation and university admission, and also before starting employment," Ishiwatari noted.

Osaka Public University, established by Osaka Prefecture and Osaka City, aims to introduce fall admissions by the 2027 academic year, marking a significant shift towards globalizing its academic schedule and making English the medium of instruction, a move that reflects an ambitious effort to reposition the institution on the world stage.

Source: ANN

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