Sports | Mar 21

Dog Sled Race Captivates Hokkaido Fans

HOKKAIDO, Mar 21 (News On Japan) - A dog sled race, where teams compete against the clock as dogs pull sleds with riders, was held in Fukagawa City, Hokkaido, drawing wild enthusiasm from spectators at the high-speed event.

The competition was organized by a group of dog sledding enthusiasts, and the venue in Fukagawa City welcomed 15 teams and over 50 dogs from local areas as well as from cities like Sapporo and Kushiro.

The site featured two courses, one of 300 meters and another of 1.5 kilometers. At the start signal, dogs dashed off, vigorously pulling the sleds with their owners aboard. Among the participants was an elementary school student who had started dog sledding at the age of three, skillfully navigating the dogs around sharp curves.

At the finish line, the crowd cheered the teams on, with owners embracing their dogs in recognition of their valiant efforts. A fifth-grade girl participating in the race said, "Every time I compete, I feel like I'm getting better at handling the dogs, and that's what I find appealing. I want to aim to reduce the number of times I fall." A female spectator commented, "The race was amazing to watch; I'd like to give it a go."

Source: NHK


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