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Gymnast Mana Okamura Aims for Olympic Glory and Beyond

MIE, May 27 (News On Japan) - Mana Okamura, 18, who has secured a spot for the Paris Olympics in gymnastics, gave an unexpected answer to 'future dreams,' revealing the ambition to become a pastry chef.

Mana Okamura was seen practicing at her local club in Yokkaichi City in preparation for the upcoming competitions. According to her coach, one of Okamura's strengths is her stability when performing rotations on the balance beam, maintaining a steady axis. However, Okamura herself is not fully satisfied yet, saying, 'I have found many areas to improve, such as my landings and the way I present my skills. I want to refine them so that I can stick my landings perfectly.' Her dedication to gymnastics and her relentless pursuit of improvement seem to support her growth.

When asked about her current landings, she replied, 'I'm satisfied with them now.' Despite her serious demeanor in gymnastics, Okamura has an unexpected side. 'What is this?' she was asked, to which she responded, 'I made this cookie tin with a New Year's theme.' Okamura enjoys baking, and she has made various sweets, including roll cakes. Her hobby of baking provides a relaxing break from her intense training.

When asked about her future dreams, Okamura said, 'I would like to work in a job making sweets, like a pastry chef.' However, her current goal is to win an Olympic medal. 'I want to express my gratitude to all the people who have supported me and cheered for me. I aim to captivate the world with beautiful gymnastics, and I will work with my teammates to win a team medal,' she said.

Source: 東海テレビ NEWS ONE


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Mana Okamura, 18, who has secured a spot for the Paris Olympics in gymnastics, gave an unexpected answer to 'future dreams,' revealing the ambition to become a pastry chef.

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