Japan easing global entry restrictions on Thursday
NHK -- Oct 01
Japan is easing entry restrictions on Thursday for foreigners from around the world, excluding tourists.

The Japanese government had denied entry of people from 159 countries and regions in principle due to the coronavirus pandemic. It has already resumed businesspeople's travel to and from Vietnam, Taiwan and some other places where infection is under control.

Since restrictions are being eased globally, foreigners who are qualified for mid- and long-term stays, such as medical and educational professionals and students, as well as businesspeople, may be admitted to Japan.

But they are allowed to enter only if their sponsors, such as companies or organizations that employ them, ensure their quarantine for two weeks upon arrival in Japan.

The number of people who will be granted entry will also be limited. The government plans to gradually raise the cap while expanding the virus-testing system at airports.

The government plans to hold talks with other nations while monitoring their infection situations so that more countries will allow people from Japan to enter them.

来月1日から全世界を対象に順次、入国制限が緩和されます。  政府は1日から段階的に新型コロナウイルス対策で制限していた全世界のビジネス目的の会社員や留学生などの受け入れを再開します。一日最大約1000人程度に絞るということです。  成田空港検疫所・田中一成所長:「(入国者には)感染リスクを持っていると自覚を持って行動し、理解して頂きたい。入国される方の協力も不可欠だということです」  入国者には検査のほか、入国した後14日間は公共交通機関を使わずに自宅などに待機すること、出国元の感染状況によっては接触確認アプリを使うことなどが求められる予定です。
News sources: NHK, ANNnewsCH
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