Divorce brings financial woes to 40% of affected children in Japan

Japan Times -- Mar 29
A recent survey by Japan’s Ministry of Justice showed that 40.5% of people who as minors went through a parental divorce or separation said they experienced financial difficulties after the event.

The proportion of respondents who lived with the mother after their parents’ breakup came to 78.6%, according to the survey.

It was the first time for the ministry to conduct a survey on the impact of parents’ divorce and separation on children.

The online survey, conducted in January, covered 1,000 people in their 20s and 30s.

Over half of the respondents knew whether their parent who left paid child support, including for living and educational expenses, to the other parent.

Meanwhile, only 16.8% said the absent parent paid such support properly, while 14.9% said such money was only paid for a while after the breakup.

Those who said such payments were made occasionally came to 6.8% and 18.9% said the absent parent did not pay such money at all.

Asked whether they had someone to talk to when their parents went through divorce or separation, 43.7% said they had nothing they wanted to talk about.

- Japan Times