Tritium mascot design to be changed

NHK -- Apr 16
Japan's Reconstruction Agency says it is changing the design of a mascot character created to reassure people about radioactive tritium in water to be released from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

The decision comes after criticism over the character, which was featured in a video and information sheet on the agency's website.

The agency said it created the mascot to share information about the safety of treated water in an easy-to-understand way, based on science.

But criticism soon appeared on the internet, and the agency received about 30 comments. One said tritium should not be disguised as a cute character.

The video and information sheet have been withdrawn. The agency says the mascot's design will be reviewed. - NHK

風評払拭を目的に放射性物質「トリチウム」を可愛らしくキャラ化。批判の声が上がりました。  問題のキャラクターは13日、鳴り物入りで登場しました。しかし14日、わずか一日で「削除」されたのです。一体なぜでしょうか・・・。 - ANNnewsCH