Olympic torch passes through Okinawa

NHK -- May 03
About 180 torchbearers have taken part in the Okinawa leg of the Tokyo Olympic torch relay.

The two-day event in the southwestern prefecture began on Saturday. But the runners did not use public roads on the main island as a preventive measure against the coronavirus.

On Sunday, the relay was held without spectators at the Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City.

One of the torchbearers was 78-year-old Miyagi Isamu, who was the first runner in the torch relay for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Miyagi said he was very nervous. He said he thought his father and uncle who are at rest in the park must have led him here.

In Zamami Village, torchbearers boarded traditional wooden ships to pass the torch between islands.

The next leg of the relay will begin on Wednesday in Kumamoto Prefecture.