Japan to tighten measures for arrivals from India

NHK -- May 10
Japan will tighten restrictions on people arriving from India, Pakistan and Nepal starting Monday to help prevent the further spread of a coronavirus variant that is ravaging India.

People coming from the three nations will have to stay at government-designated accommodations for six days upon arrival.

They will undergo virus tests on the third and sixth days and if they test negative on both occasions, residents will be allowed to go to their homes in Japan where they will be asked to self-isolate.

This is double the length of the hotel stay required for those arriving from about 30 other countries and regions where virus variants are rampant.

India confirmed more than 400,000 new cases on Saturday and the single-day death toll topped 4,000 for the first time.

About 100 people flew in to Narita Airport near Tokyo from Delhi on Sunday. They were taken to their accommodation by bus.

An Indian citizen who lives in Japan says the situation in his home country is serious, because many infected people cannot be admitted to hospital.

He says he will work from home for about a month and refrain from going out.