Suga Cabinet disapproval rate highest since launch

NHK -- Jun 15
An NHK opinion poll shows that 45 percent of respondents do not support Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide's Cabinet. That's the highest disapproval rating since he took office last September.

NHK conducted the telephone survey by contacting 2,131 randomly chosen people aged 18 and older over the weekend. 58 percent of them responded.

The approval rate was up 2 points to 37 percent from the last such survey. The disapproval ratio was also up 2 points, at 45 percent.

Asked about the government's response to the coronavirus pandemic, 38 percent gave a positive assessment, while 58 percent expressed a negative view.

Suga has pledged to complete vaccinations for anyone who wishes to be inoculated by October or November.

Asked about the pace of the vaccine rollout, 24 percent said it's progressing smoothly. 65 percent said it's too slow and 11 percent said they do not know.

Organizers of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games plan to decide this month how many spectators will be allowed at the Games' venues.

Asked about how the Games should be held, 3 percent said they should be held in a way similar to past events. 32 percent called for a cap on spectator numbers, while 29 percent said no spectators should be allowed.

31 percent wanted the Games to be canceled.

Those polled were also asked whether they are convinced by explanations by the government and the organizers about the purpose of the Games and anti-infection measures for them.

25 percent said they are convinced to some degree, while 69 percent said they are not.