80-year-old man found stabbed to death in Kyoto apartment

Japan Today -- Jul 19
An 80-year-old man was found stabbed to death in his apartment in Kyoto, police said Sunday.

According to police, the body of Takahiro Hirakita was found in his municipal apartment in Nishikyo Ward on Friday night, Fuji TV reported. Police found Hirakita’s body after having been notified by a neighbor who was concerned that the victim hadn’t been seen for some time.

Police said he had been stabbed several times in the neck and chest. An autopsy on Saturday revealed he had been killed sometime between July 7 and 14.

Police said the front door was locked but the balcony door was not. No weapon was found in the apartment, nor did the apartment show any sign of having been ransacked. Police said 500,000 yen was found in the apartment.

- Japan Today

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