50 accidents involve Olympic-related vehicles

NHK -- Aug 03
Tokyo police say at least 50 accidents involving vehicles related to the Olympics had occurred in the capital during the first week after the Games opened.

Tough traffic restrictions have been in place since July 19 for Tokyo and surrounding areas where many Olympic venues are located.

Some roadways have priority lanes and lanes dedicated exclusively for Olympic-related vehicles.

NHK has learned from Tokyo police that there were at least 50 accidents involving Olympic-related vehicles for the week through July 29.

Officials said one accident caused a minor personal injury, but most involved damage to vehicles and other property.

Drivers of vehicles transporting Olympic athletes and staff were hired from about 600 Japanese bus and other companies.

Police said that one factor behind the accidents could be the inexperience of out of town drivers working in the metropolis.

They also said that in some cases, drivers might have been in a hurry to arrive at venues on time.