Emperor Emeritus is oldest among Japan's monarchs

NHK -- Sep 02
Japan's Emperor Emeritus became the oldest of the country's monarchs, past and present, on Thursday at the age of 87 years and eight months.

The former Emperor Akihito was born on December 23, 1933, or 32,031 days ago. His father, the late Emperor Showa, lived for the same number of days.

Official documents show that on July 12, 1985, the late Emperor Showa's lifespan tied the record of the 108th emperor, Gomizunoo, who reigned in the 17th century. The Emperor Showa asked that no celebratory events be held.

The Imperial Household Agency says the Emperor Emeritus is concerned about the spread of the coronavirus and the difficulties many people in Japan are facing. It says he is also refraining from going out.

Agency officials say no celebrations will be held in praise of the longevity of the Emperor Emeritus.