Thieves steal 60,000 persimmons from Gifu orchard

Japan Today -- Oct 24
Gifu prefectural police are investigating the theft of 60,000 persimmons from an orchard last week.

The high-grade Fuyu variety of persimmons, stolen from about 400 trees, were worth around 3 million yen in total, Sankei Shimbun quoted police as saying.

The 63-year-old grower called police to report the theft on Oct 18. He told local media that he last inspected his orchard on Oct 11 and doesn’t know when the fruit was stolen.

Police said the branches of the trees had been neatly snipped off and believe the fruit was stolen over several nights.

The National Police Agency says that there has been an increase in unsolved thefts of premium fruit in several prefectures over the past year, including cherries in Yamagata, apples in Iwate and pears in Saitama.

岐阜市にある柿畑で、岐阜県のブランド柿・富有柿およそ6万個、300万円相当が盗まれたといいます。 - 日テレNEWS