PS3 Games That Never Left Japan -- Nov 02
In this day and age, it seems a little easier to make video games available to consumers.

Big-name developers have the money to release millions of copies of a game worldwide. The rise of the sale of digital copies almost ensures that the demand for a game can be met as long as you have money and a decent internet connection. Yet there are still tons of games out there that gamers from certain regions won't get to play, or are even aware of. This is especially true for several PS3 titles from Japan.

The PlayStation 3 is a great system that has been home to many amazing experiences, but it also has a lot of titles from Japan. A lot of those games have never been localized for various reasons, and some ended up with releases only in the west or only in Asia. If you love gaming and betting on esports, then ここを参照してください the latest VIP code before wagering on the next big esports tournament.

Recently, we have assembled a list of Japanese PS 3 games that never left the country. These are titles that have very little or no information in English. So if you can't read kanji or hiragana, you will be unable to play these games if they ever come out in another region (outside Japan). The list of the games, you can see here.

1. Toro To Morimori

Toro To Morimori is one of those games that never got the attention it deserved. This is a collection of 30 mini-games starring a cute white cat named Toro Inoue who dreams of becoming a human. It is Toro's adventure in search of the mysterious and infamous "Gratitude Stone." This magical stone can grant any wish and Toro and his friends are determined to find it after hearing rumors about its existence.

2. Hack Versus

Hack Versus is the first hack fighting game to come out of Japan. Eight characters are available at the start, each representing one of Hack's hackers. Each character comes with their own unique skills and fighting style, but they also share two partners which can be switched mid-battle in a new gameplay element. The hacker may also switch them out mid-battle with a partner from HACK GU Unlike most fighting games there is a limit on how many special attacks a player can do before they have to wait for another bar to charge. If the bar charges enough the player will go into Burst Mode which gives them unlimited use of their special attacks until it runs out again.

3. Phantom Breaker Extra

Phantom Breaker Extra is a Japanese 2D fighter that was brought over to North America by the good people at 5pb. The game features a cast of characters that were recently created for it, including four original ones who are featured in this title.

Phantom Breaker Extra contains all of what fans loved from its predecessors such as unique character styling, gorgeous artwork, and engaging combat mechanics too; however, this title does have one major drawback and it's something that may not go over well very well with casual players: slowdown during gameplay.

4. Super Hero Generation

Super Hero Generation is a tactical RPG that features characters from Gundam, Ultraman, and Kamen Rider, all three iconic Japanese television series. Players can create units made up of their favorite heroes from these shows, and use them to complete missions and clear levels. Each level is made up of a map that comes from a world from the three series. Combat is similar to that in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, where the camera zooms in during encounters, letting you watch the action unfold in stunning 3D animation.

5. Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting!

Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting is a boxing game that uses an "arcade" fighting system (much like Street Fighter or King of Fighters). This means that the game has special moves, super moves, air combos, and throws. It also features an experience points (XP) based leveling system. When you play matches in Hajime No Ippo: The Fighting, your character does not automatically get stronger as time goes on (like some RPG games do). You have to make your character stronger by gaining XP during fights.