Coming-of-age events held for Princess Aiko

NHK -- Dec 05
Princess Aiko, the daughter of Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, attended coming-of-age celebratory events on Sunday.

The princess, who turned 20 on Wednesday, visited Imperial Sanctuaries dedicated to her ancestors in the morning, and received the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Precious Crown from the Emperor.

After reporting her attainment of adulthood to her parents shortly after noon, she then appeared in front of reporters waiting at the west carriage porch of the palace.

The princess, wearing a robe and a tiara, bowed to reporters and thanked them as they congratulated her for coming of age.

She then visited Emperor Emeritus Akihito and Empress Emerita Michiko at their temporary residence in Tokyo's Minato Ward.

She opened her car window, smiled and waved to the people who had gathered in front of the residence.

The princess met her grandparents for the first time in about one year and nine months due to the pandemic.

She returned to the palace and received congratulatory greetings from Crown Prince Akishino and other members of the Imperial family, as well as Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, the heads of both chambers of the Diet and the chief justice of the Supreme Court.

The Imperial Household Agency said she also received greetings from the Emperor's sister Kuroda Sayako, who lent her the tiara.

The princess decided to forego a new tiara in consideration of people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

She will attend the Imperial family's New Year events and engage in official duties.

She plans to hold a news conference in March next year, when her university schedule will allow her more time to prepare.

今月1日に20歳の誕生日を迎えられた天皇皇后両陛下の長女・愛子さまの成年の祝賀行事が皇居で行われ、5日午後、岸田総理大臣ら三権の長などからお祝いのあいさつを受けられました。  愛子さまは午前に皇室の祖先などをまつる皇居の宮中三殿を参拝し、成年皇族の仲間入りをしたことを報告されました。  その後、宮殿で天皇陛下より、女性皇族に贈られる最高位の勲章「宝冠大綬章」が授与されました。  午後には、ローブ・デコルテと呼ばれるドレスを着用し、叔母にあたる黒田清子さんから借りたティアラや勲章を着けて、天皇皇后両陛下にあいさつされました。  また、祖父母である上皇ご夫妻のお住まいを訪ねて、成年となった報告をされました。  その後、宮殿に戻り、両陛下や秋篠宮さまなどの皇族方や岸田総理をはじめとする三権の長などからお祝いのあいさつを受けられました。  皇族の成年行事が行われるのは、秋篠宮家の次女・佳子さま以来、7年ぶりです。 - ANNnewsCH