Keeping self-driving cars safe from hackers

NHK -- Jan 05
Cars of the future will be heavily dependent on the internet for navigation and other basic operations. But that will also make them vulnerable to hacking attacks capable of causing serious damage.

IT firms in Japan are responding, by accelerating the development of security systems that protect the internet connections of self-driving vehicles.

A venture company in Tokyo is working on cyber security for automobiles.

One of its systems employs artificial intelligence to fend off attacks on image-recognition systems used by autonomous vehicles.

The founder and CEO of Creator's next, Kubota Nozomu, says cyber security needs to be tackled now, given the rapid changes taking place in automotive technology.

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic says its system monitors a car's security around the clock. Hitachi is working with IT firms for its systems. Such cyber solutions will become crucial in the future to keep cars, drivers and passengers safe.

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