University entrance exam taker may have cheated

NHK -- Jan 27
A Japanese university entrance examinee reportedly sent images of test questions to university students who may have answered them during the exam.

Standardized university entrance exams took place in Japan on January 15 and 16. Sources have told NHK that a University of Tokyo student received an image of a world history question via an Internet video calling app and sent back an answer. The request was made by a test-taker the student had become acquainted with through a tutoring website.

The student reportedly realized later that the question was used in the exam, and notified the education ministry.

It has come to light that other university students received similar requests and answered questions possibly without realizing they were from the exam held that day.

Images of the questions have been posted online and confirmed to be from the exam.

Tokyo police have launched an investigation.

今月行われた大学入学共通テストの問題が試験中にSNSで外部に流出した疑いがあることが分かりました。警視庁が偽計業務妨害容疑も視野に捜査を始めました。 - ANNnewsCH