Japan town sues after $360,000 subsidy mix-up

enca.com -- May 12
A Japanese town that accidentally sent a resident $360,000 in financial aid said it has been forced to file a lawsuit after the recipient refused to return the funds.

Last month, the town in western Yamaguchi prefecture, sent 100,000 yen ($768) each to 463 low-income households affected by the pandemic.

But in the process, they mistakenly transferred an additional lump sum of 46.3 million yen to a single household.

Red-faced officials immediately visited the recipient, who has not been identified and were told the money would be returned.

But despite frantic follow-up letters and calls, there was no sign of the money.

When they finally made face-to-face contact again, according to a letter released by the mayor, the recipient admitted having "moved the money and being unable to return it but said they were willing to atone for the sin."