Eating Traditional Buddhist Food and Staying Overnight in a Japanese Temple

Japan by Food -- May 17
Out of the bustling city and into the wilderness of Wakayama Prefecture, Shizuka experiences a day in the life of a Japanese Buddhist monk.

Koyasan is a renowned Shukubo Temple, aka a temple that allows visitors to stay the night. During the stay, Shizuka experiences meditation, Buddhist rituals, and excellent Shojin Ryori, the traditional vegetarian cuisine of Japanese Buddhist Monks.

Join Shizuka as she explores the beautiful temple grounds and the Buddhist rituals unique to this temple. Shizuka witnesses the ritual presentation of a meal to a monk in eternal meditation, the morning chanting ceremony, and the preparations of Shojin Ryori for 50 hungry pilgrims. There's even a surprising memorial to Japan’s favorite probiotic drink! Learn all about the rules and ideas behind Shojin Ryori, the flavors of this cuisine, and the fascinating life of Buddhist monks in Japan.