Dashcam shows 'head-on collision' caused by car driving on wrong side of road

逆走で“正面衝突”も・・・車残して逃走 茨城

RYUGASAKI, May 18 (NewsOnJapan) - A dashcam recorder has captured vision of a collision where a car suddenly appears on the wrong side of the road in Ryugasaki City, Ibaraki Prefecture on May 13.

The man whose car was crashed into is quoted as saying, "At first, a person who appeared to be a foreigner got out of the passenger side of the vehicle saying something like 'I'm sorry'".

After returning to his car to check damages and to call police, it appears that the two people from the other car escaped the scene leaving their car unattended.

May 18 (ANNnewsCH) - 13日、茨城県龍ケ崎市を走る車のドライブレコーダーの映像です。  緩やかな左カーブを曲がろうとすると、なんと、逆走してきた車がやってきました。  ブレーキを踏みましたが、間に合わず、そのまま正面衝突。衝突された男性は、車を降りて、確認しにいきます。  ...continue reading

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