23-year-old woman arrested for abandoning infant’s body inside suitcase hidden in closet

クローゼットに赤ちゃんの遺体 23歳女「自分が生んで遺棄した」

Japan Today -- Jun 07
Police in Hino City, Tokyo, have arrested a 23-year-old woman on suspicion of corpse abandonment after the body of a newborn boy was found inside a suitcase hidden in a closet.

According to police, Chihiro Fukushima, a part-time worker, has admitted to the charge. Kyodo News reported that Fukushima lives with her parents.

At around noon on Sunday, Fukushima’s mother noticed an unusual odor coming from her daughter’s room. When she went to see what it was, she discovered the baby’s corpse inside a suitcase in the closet and called 110. ...continue reading

Jun 07 (ANNnewsCH) - 東京・日野市の自宅マンションで生まれたばかりの赤ちゃんの遺体をクローゼットに遺棄したとして、23歳の女が逮捕されました。  ...continue reading

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