School vice principal arrested after miniature camera found in women’s toilet

小学校のトイレにカメラ、47歳の教頭を逮捕 北海道新ひだか町

Japan Today -- Jun 13
Police in Shinhidaka, Hokkaido, have arrested a 47-year-old man on suspicion of placing a miniature camera inside the women’s staff toilet at a junior high school where he is a vice principal.

According to police, Kiyoshi Onodera has admitted placing the camera inside a small box in the toilet on the first floor of the school building on June 6, Hokkaido TV reported. An employee spotted the camera in the toilet cubicle on June 7.

Jun 13 (HBCニュース 北海道放送) - 北海道新ひだか町で、小学校の職員用女性トイレに盗撮目的でカメラを設置したとして、47歳の教頭が逮捕されました。2022年06月10日(金) 12時01分 更新

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