Drunken police officer arrested for trespassing into company he believed was his home


Japan Today -- Aug 09
Police in Osaka have arrested a 22-year-old police officer on suspicion of unlawful entry after he was trespassing in a shipping company’s distribution center on Sunday.

According to police, the officer, who works in Takatsuki, was quoted as saying “I was too drunk to remember anything. I thought I was entering my own home.”

Local media reported that the officer climbed over a three-meter-high fence and entered the premises of the shipping company’s distribution center in Naniwa Ward, Osaka, at around 2 a.m. A security guard noticed the officer and grabbed him. He then called 110. ...continue reading

Aug 09 (MBS NEWS) - 8月7日未明、大阪府警の警察官が配送センターに侵入したとして逮捕されました。酒に酔っていたということです。  ...continue reading

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