Trans woman who froze sperm before transitioning barred from being own child’s legal parent

性別変更後の親子関係認知 東京高裁 一部認める -- Aug 22
A trans woman in Japan has been blocked by a court from being her own biological child’s legal parent.

According to Japan Times, the anonymous trans woman had frozen her sperm before beginning medical transition, and used it so that she and her female partner could have their second biological child together.

But on Friday (19 August), the High Court in Tokyo, Japan, ruled that while her daughter born before her transition was legally hers, she could not be the legal parent of her second daughter.

Her partner, who gave birth to both babies, is the legal parent of both of their children.

The family had already fought their case in a lower court, which ruled in February 2022: “There is currently nothing in Japanese law to recognise her parental rights.”

The trans woman appealed, but this week’s High Court ruling cemented the devastating decision. ...continue reading

Aug 22 (ANNnewsCH) - 男性から性別を変更した女性の精子を使って生まれた娘2人を子どもとして認知できるかが争われた裁判で、東京高裁は性別変更前に生まれた長女のみ認知できるとする判決を言い渡しました。  ...continue reading

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