Body in river near Tokyo confirmed as that of missing 7-yr-old girl

CHIBA, Oct 07 (Kyodo) - A body found recently in a river in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, has been confirmed as that of a 7-year-old girl who went missing in late September, investigative sources said Thursday.

Using DNA analysis, the body was identified as that of Saya Minami, a first-grader from the Chiba city of Matsudo. The results of an autopsy suggested she may have drowned. No evidence of wounds to suggest foul play were found.

According to local authorities, the body was discovered Tuesday in the Edo River, around 15 kilometers downstream from where the girl's shoes and socks were found on a riverbank on Sept. 24, the day after she went missing. ...continue reading

Oct 07 (ANNnewsCH) - 旧江戸川で見つかった女の子の遺体は行方不明の南朝芽さんだと分かりました。朝芽さんに一体、何があったのでしょうか。元刑事が現場で感じた矛盾とは。  ...continue reading