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Day Trip to Hakone from Tokyo: Volcanic Valley, Black Eggs and Pirate Ships!

Japan by Food -- Dec 05
One of the most popular destinations for a day trip from Tokyo, Hakone is a hot springs town full of beautiful views and tasty treats.

Shizuka travels up mountains, over lakes, and through the shrines of Hakone to visit places offering unique Hakone food, like coal black onsen eggs and “power” mochi.

Shizuka begins her adventure by exploring an active volcano, and trying the black onsen tamago, or hot springs eggs, that the area is famous for. Then, she travels across the lake on a pirate ship, and reenacts some of her favorite boat-related movie scenes. After her Oscar-worthy performance, she enjoys a Japanese hot pot and grated mountain yam. Finally, she explores Hakone shrine and ends up at a cha-ya (tea shop) that’s stood the test of time.

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