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Join us on a trip through the city of Hiroshima! Shizuka teams up with a knowledgeable local tour guide to go on a bike tour adventure, uncovering the rich history and sights that define the legacy-rich place. (Japan by Food)

Which is better? McDonald's US or JAPAN? (TabiEats)

The TikTok made this look easy. ???? Let's test that... (emmymade)

Wasabi's popularity overseas is growing, but have you heard of 'field wasabi'? In an effort to develop a new specialty product, Miyagi Prefecture has been conducting trial cultivation and successfully made the first shipment in June.

The 8th 'Japan Food Export Expo' was held from June 19 to June 21, drawing approximately 2,000 buyers from around the world, all eager to sample Japan’s unique culinary offerings. From instant noodles and konjac jelly to ramune and motsunabe, the expo showcased a wide array of Japanese foods that are gaining popularity overseas.

Japan – a place where innovation meets convenience – is known to have vending machines around almost every corner. Wherever you travel, you can find a thirst-quenching, energizing, or sweet-tooth-satisfying drink whenever you need. (Japan by Food)

In this video we explore how traditional green tea is made and used in Japan from drinks to sweets! Makes you want to pour a cup of お茶 (ocha) right away doesn't it? (Japanese Food Craftsman)

Kinosaki Marine World in Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture, is facing a crisis as its once vibrant marine environment is turning into a desert-like scene due to a surge in purple sea urchins, which are consuming vast amounts of seaweed. This has significantly reduced habitats and spawning grounds for fish, leading to broader ecological issues across Japan.