Stray whale in Osaka Bay dies

大阪湾の迷いクジラ“淀ちゃん”死ぬ 大阪市

OSAKA, Jan 13 (NHK) - Officials in western Japan's Osaka City say a whale that strayed into a bay there has died.

The 8-meter-long whale was first spotted on Monday in shallow waters near the mouth of the Yodo River.

The local Coast Guard had been monitoring the mammal, thought to be a sperm whale.

Although the whale was initially seen spouting water, it later became less active. Patrollers found it immobile on Friday morning, about 400 meters from a nearby pier.

City officials and experts from an aquarium went out to the whale in a rubber boat and confirmed it was dead. ...continue reading

Jan 13 (ANNnewsCH) - 大阪湾の淀川河口に迷い込んだクジラについて、13日午前に調査を行った大阪市はクジラが死んだことを確認しました。  ...continue reading

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