"I was beaten by my son with an iron pipe" - 'Knife man' dies in police shooting

OSAKA, Mar 26 (NOJ / TV Asahi) - A man armed with a knife who barricaded himself in his house in Izumi City, Osaka, on Friday night has been shot by police after his mother claim he had been "beating her with an iron pipe."

The 39-year-old unemployed son barricaded himself in his house with a knife on the night of the 24th, where police finally broke through the door after failing to persuade him to come out.

As the son approached brandishing a knife, a police officer fired once after giving warning.

The man was confirmed dead at hospital after being arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Two nearby men who are believed to have been slashed by the knife-brandishing son were injured, while the 70-year-old mother was slightly injured.

Subsequent interviews revealed that her mother had told police at the scene that she had been "beaten by her son with an iron pipe." Police searched the house and confiscated a knife. ...continue reading

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