Three people allegedly put mouths to ice cream server at karaoke shop near Tokyo


NHK -- Jun 07
Three 21-year-olds have had papers on them sent to prosecutors for posting online videos of themselves putting their mouths on an ice cream serving machine at a karaoke shop near Tokyo.

The three, including a university student, took the videos at a karaoke chain outlet in Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture, last November. They posted the videos on social media through February.

The three are suspected of forcibly obstructing business, as the shop had to clean the machine and respond to complaints from those who saw the videos. The shop reported the damage to police in February.

The three are former junior high school classmates. Two of them allegedly took the videos, and the third posted them online.

They have admitted to the charges in voluntary police questioning, and said they were drunk, feeling wild and wanted to make funny videos.

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