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Binance Japan launches, offering 34 tokens for spot trading

Binance rebranded SAKURA Exchange BitCoin, Inc., allowing access to 34 tokens for spot trading and BNB.

TOKYO, Aug 02 (cryptobriefing.com) - Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the launch of Binance Japan, a dedicated platform for Japanese residents.

The new offering focuses on providing local customers with an array of services, including a record number of 34 tokens for spot trading.

The introduction of Binance Japan follows the acquisition and rebranding of SAKURA Exchange BitCoin, Inc. New users in Japan will have access to a selection of 34 tokens for spot trading, including the debut of BNB in Japan.

Japanese customers with existing global Binance accounts can start the migration process to the new platform starting August 14, 2023, using a new KYC process.

Binance Japan’s offerings extend to deposit options for both Japanese yen and cryptocurrencies, with yen withdrawal availability set for after August 20, 2023. ...continue reading

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